Stephen Lewis, Artist, fine art pencil drawings
Born in San Francisco in 1951, Stephen W. Lewis will carry on a second generation of artists from The City. Stephen’s father William Lewis was a beatnik from San Francisco with an extraordinary artistic gift. Luckily for William he had an economically motivated wife, Barbara. Together they delivered Stephen and three other siblings.

Stephen grew up idealizing his father’s art: from the beauty of his penmanship to the intricate detail of his pencil and charcoal portraits. Stephen was intrigued with his father’s ability to create objects of such beauty, with the simplest of instruments: a pencil. At about age seven Stephen began imitating his father’s portraits. After the passing of his father and many years later, Stephen has continued to celebrate art.

Stephen’s main objective, is to create objects of such beauty and thought, that it would be extremely difficult for the possessor to disregard – living beyond his own life and continuing to generate pleasure and thought.

Stephen W. Lewis’ artistic style of Light into Dark continues to grace many homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and parts of the World. Stephen’s portraits take a significant amount of time. Whether his portrait is of a family member, or their home: the likeliness is stunning and the style is intricate and unlike any other pencil work.

All of Stephen W. Lewis’ art is created under a magnifying glass; enlarging his work brings out a different dimension in beauty, only seen by the artist. The art of capturing the face of a famous individual is the most gratifying, for everyone knows what they look like.

In 1989 Stephen and his wife Olga moved from San Francisco to Grass Valley to raise their two children.


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